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What is the Picolo Premium Laser?

Picolo Premium is a picosecond NdYag laser with dual wavelengths 1064 and 532nm. Picosecond lasers generate and deliver significantly more photoacoustic (light to sound) and less photothermal (light to heat) effects to skin lesions. Less heat production during the procedure leads to reduced epidermal injury and less risk of burns. This in turn results in the safer and more effective treatment of multi-coloured tattoos and benign pigmented lesions.

What makes the Picolo Premium Laser different from other Picosecond Lasers?

Picolo Premium’s ultra-short and uniquely stable 450 picosecond pulse duration using the 1064nm wavelength, combined with the optimized peak power of its DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) fractional handpiece, effectively produces strong and uniform LIOB (Laser Induced Optical Breakdown) in the skin. The above leads to safe, comfortable and effective skin rejuvenation and treatment of acne scars. LIOB is achieved in all layers of the skin e.g. dermis, upper dermis and the epidermis, leading to effective treatment of acne scars.

What types of skin conditions can be treated with the Picolo Premium Laser?

Picolo Premium can be used to treat many common skin conditions. These include e.g. acne scars, benign pigmented lesions, multi-coloured tattoos, etc.

What are the pre-procedure preparations needed and how long is the post-procedure downtime after the laser treatment?

Our therapists will thoroughly cleanse your face. Depending on the procedure, numbing cream may be applied for approximately 20 to 30 minutes before the laser. Post-procedure downtime will largely depend on the type of procedure performed. This ranges from no downtime for laser toning treatments to a slight redness of the skin for approximately 3 to 5 days after pico-fractional treatment for acne scars.

Can the Picolo Premium Laser treatment be combined with other treatments?

Picolo Premium can be safely combined with other treatments. This includes the following e.g. dual yellow laser, IPL, subcision, etc. (list is not exhaustive)

What are some of the common side effects after doing the Picolo Premium laser treatment?

Picolo Premium is a very safe procedure. Side effects are uncommon and usually self-limiting. These include the following e.g. redness, hyperpigmentation, etc.